Subsidies for Stress Check|Workplace Stress Check

Workplace Stress Check
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Subsidies for Stress Check

There are some subsidies available from Japanese government for the Stress Check. And our certified social insurance labor consultant can apply for the subsidies on behalf of you.

1 Subsidy for the promotion of conduct of 'Stress Check'

(For workplaces with less than 50 employees)
1 In case a company (workplace) conducted a stress check (once a year) under the
contract with an industrial physician who is eligible to offer a consultation after the stress check, grant actual cost of it (max. 500 yen per head).
2 In case employees have consultations with physicians or seek assistance of physicians after the stress check, grant actual cost of it (max. 21,500 yen per workplace at a time).

2 Subsidy for the improvement of workplace environment

Subsidies for Stress Check

In case you make an improvement plan of the workplace
environment based on the group analysis of stress check
results with a guidance by an expert and implement it, the
actual cost of the guidance fee and the expense of
instruments and facilities purchased for the purpose will be
The maximum amount of grant per workplace is 100,000 yen. Out of which the expense for the instruments and facilities
should be maximum 50,000 yen. The cost per item should be
within 50,000 yen and it can be granted only once.