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Workplace Stress Check
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Consultation with Physicians

The result of a stress check will be informed to each
participant individually. (In principle employees' individual
result will not be disclosed to the employer). And those
who are under high-stress can seek a physician's consultation
if they wish. And we can help you to arrange the consultations for them.

We have approx. 200 affiliated physicians all over the country. Your employees can see the physicians near their home or
office. We also can arrange appointments of physicians and
hear opinions from them.

Consultation with Physicians

※We may not be able to arrange physicians for certain areas. In that case we will introduce a
physician in the closest area.
We can introduce our affiliated physicians all over Japan even if you do not conduct a stress check
through our services.
For companies with less than 50 employees The Japanese government's subsidy is available for the
employees' consultation with physicians.

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